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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

We love when people use McCrea’s Candies to appreciate those they love and care about. With many workplaces still remote, McCrea’s offers gifts for every taste and budget, and we can ship directly to people’s homes so that even if they are out of sight, they are not out of mind. We also have larger packages available for the office and with all of our caramels individually wrapped, these gifts are suitable for sharing. Whatever your corporate gifting needs, let us help you say “thank you” to customers, clients, suppliers, and employees this holiday season and throughout the year.

Winter Warmers - Cozy Caramel Recipes

Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon is a divinely rich, warm, spiced drink that’s perfect for the cold weather. Thick, creamy, and fragrant, this winter favorite, with its Cinnamon Clove caramel drizzle, is our coziest recipe yet.       

Using Proceeds to Honor Service Dogs

“Our dogs, once trained, go on to provide companionship and connection to their humans all while facilitating independence,” said Kump, who has seen the nonprofit’s work in action firsthand.  “A recently matched vet with PTSD who couldn’t bear to leave his house attended a NEADS event with his new canine companion. He was able to take the stage and tell his story. That’s an amazing difference.”

call it a dream,

Call it a living. Call it a lifestyle. Call it a project or a passion, a product, or an art. Call it all those things, and you’d be partly right. 

A scientist with a background in chemistry and an abiding appreciation for natural ingredients, Jason is a man possessed by the single, simple idea to make the best caramel in the world—nothing less.

Jason is a bit quirky, downright odd sometimes. But you’ll love him because woven into his eccentricities are integrity, honesty and a firm commitment to quality. In the ways that matter, McCrea’s caramels are his best work.


mindful giving