Nguyen Coffee Supply

Journey of a coffee bean - from Vietname to Brooklyn.

Why the world is waking up to Vietnamese coffee

For the Vietnamese, coffee provides much more than just a shot of energy -- it's a way of life. Coffee outlets range from hole-in-the-wall counters with plastic stools on the sidewalk, to sleek, contemporary cafes with roasters on the premises.

Brew Social Justice, Diversity With Nguyen Coffee Supply

“My commitment for increasing visibility for underrepresented folks and building power in our communities continues to be a priority in my life’s work, most recently through Nguyen Coffee Supply,” - Sahra Nguyen

Sahra Nguyen Wants to Change the Trajectory of Vietnamese Coffee

“When Vietnamese coffee arrives in the United States, it's no longer Vietnamese coffee,” Sahra Nguyen remembers being told during a visit to Vietnam. Having just returned from another trip, she tells me, the specialty coffee scene is booming.

a new mission

Nguyen Coffee Supply is America’s first specialty Vietnamese coffee company and proud champion of the resilient robusta bean. They import through direct-trade relationships with Vietnamese farmers and roast in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 2018 by 1st generation entrepreneur-activist Sahra Nguyen, they are on a mission to change the future of coffee through diversity, sustainability and cultural integrity.  Specifically, they diversify the industry through Vietnamese coffee, elevate resilient robusta as the key to their sustainable coffee future and transform the landscape through economic advancement for both arabica & robusta farmers, globally.

They are proud to partner with a 4th generation farmer, Mr. Ton, who owns and operates his family farm in Vietnam’s famed Central Highlands. Together, they set out on an unprecedented mission: bring his organic, green beans to the U.S. for people to enjoy fresh roasted and in a variety of brew styles.


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